Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today: gaming

Yeah, I'm going to say some stuff regarding games today. With the Tokyo Game Show coming up, I'm just gonna give my thoughts on a few things. So if you're not into Devil May Cry, World of Warcraft, Create or Duke Nukem Forever, stop reading.

So Capcom showed the new trailer for the reinstallment of Devil May Cry at the TGS here. And now I lost all hope in Devil May Cry, they have an awesome character to build on, and now we get a smoking teenager with black hair? (Grey/white hair was a symbol of demonology in DMC.) Besides that, how the hell does he gets captured and chained in some kind of institution? Capcom is lore-fucking Devil May Cry in so many ways it isn't funny anymore.

Next is more positive, about the new expansion of World of Warcraft. You may remember my first real blogpost being a rant about how it was going to suck? Seems it isn't that bad (yet), and if Blizzard keeps it up, I might be able to enjoy it and pay my subscription again. Cataclysm still caters players too much at a lot of things and some things still don't feel right, but they made a huge improvement from last time I wrote about it.

Besides all these new games in allready established franchises, there is also some new IP. Electronic Arts is showing more of Create. And though it is somewhat a casualfest, I still think it would be quite entertaining for more serious gamers too. I currently love how creative you can be with the puzzles, and I'm just forgetting about the surroundings. I would just love experimenting with these puzzels and objects.

We thought it would be in production forever (pun, hihi). But now he's back to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And he's all out of gum... Of course I'm talking about Duke Nukem Forever. As a Duke Nukem fan I must say I love it that there is another Duke game coming. But as a critic I'm a little sceptic if Duke Nukem can relive it's glory in 2011. Time will tell....