Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The introduction week was awesome!

Well last week (yes, I am quite late with this) there were the remaining two days of introduction. Which included the boatparty and an introduction day on the school self.

So the day with the boatparty started with rain, lots and lots of rain. So after we drowned and went up for air, and actually got some, we went to the waterbikes. It was fun, only a real disaster with turning and steering. It was fun, but wet.

But the highlight of the day, and week, was the boatparty. Imagine a boat going from Utrecht to Amsterdam and back. Done? Great, imagine good Chinese food on it. Good job, now imagine great party music. You're getting it! Now, imagine 300 students and booze on that boat. And don't think you're done yet! Imagine about 350 towels going through the air hitting eachother and using it to party with. Well, that for 6 hours was the boat party in a nutshell. Crazy fun.

Ok, after this party the day afterwards was a bit meh. Mostly because everyone was tired. they had scheduled a drinkday at the local bar. But that didn't come of it for most, just their free drink and then they went. Aah well. the final movie of the week looked fun.

So with the help of this week a teacher said: "And now you're real journalists". Great, so what are we going to do the coming 4 years?

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