Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First days of college

So I've had my first two days of college. And it wasn't boring, yay! Can't really blame then, can I?

Well, the first lesson consisted of an ellaboration on how to write an newsmessage. Done that before, but still, the theory behind it was really in depth and I even messed up too. The first hearing college was interesting: "Journalism as job". And I really didn't mind that my internet didn't work, because I forgot my password for my account... Though with this, my first day was over. I chatted a little and I even managed to find my way home!

Today was my second day, and again my first hour of the day was newsmessage. All good and well, it was still fun and I got some interesting homework. The hearing college of today was really boring and one-sided. It was kind of politically aimed, and it was very obvious that the one presentating it was more left. Even some students who voted for the left groups then thought the same. So well, it ended in a big discussion. And most of the people from my class chatting on Twitter.

So those first 2 days were fun. Only one thing sucks, and that is I didn't manage to find a group for the groupassignment yet... Well, tomorrow another day!

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