Monday, August 16, 2010

A broken world: Cataclysm

The World of Warcraft is currently preparing itself for the third expansion: Cataclysm. I’ve spent some time in the beta now and I have a decent solid impression. Yes, it’s beta it’s nowhere near completion but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a general view from it. And so I conclude that for me after three to four years, this will be the end in this world. Read further for my explanation.

Though there have been a lot of improvement to the starting area’s, and these generally feel fun and well designed. But, it also lost a bit of magic in the meantime. Let’s just create a new Troll Druid. When you leveled this char to the cap, you will have experienced every special kind of thing possible. The game throws all it’s tricks at you while leveling, and in the end it will feel like you’ve seen it before.  Even though you may have never raided.

The zones for as far as they are released look thrown together, all zones, except Uldum, seem to lack a specific graphical theme. Several parts of different areas are just thrown together to form a so-called new landscape. Even underwater I have the feeling I’ve seen it before in a different context.
And if we would be going Cataclysm for the new and “improved” talents, well then we are fucked. Though this is the most prompted to change, it doesn’t look good as of yet. No chance to go early dual tree for creative thoughts and though we should have more choice now, we really don’t. The same talents will be used any time because there are still, as of yet, very limited contenders to the true talents in the tree. But I could see this changing, in contrast to the zone.

As of now, I’ll continue playing on my account till Cataclysm comes out and then try something else. I will see what happens.

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