Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keeping it up

So well, have to keep this blogging up. Got to post everyday at least once, seems I already failed once... Shame on me. Can't wait till next week... Finally schools tarts again, and why is that good some may ask? Click for moar of that.

Well I just moved to Utrecht and don't know that many people yet, so getting to know more people would be nice. And what is there not to like? I have a fun study, I think, and the subjects look interesting. And even if it weren't that fun and interesting in the beginning, just chatting around with people during brakes and lessons is fun. But I'm  not afraid of it being boring, at least not next week yet...

Because the first three days we will be going on a camp! As a part of the introduction week, so I think there will be a lot of events about knowing your fellow students better, I can dig that. The fourth day will be a real introduction day at the school. If it goes the same as with the university of utrecht (which my housemate told about) then we  will just tour the school a bit, and maybe an introduction. And the fifth day! Got to end the week well, and that's by touring through Utrecht. I like that.

And after that lessons finally start, but I'm really interested in some. Just look at the books for my first part: Basicbook of Journalism; Which is about background, genres and skills, Spelling; Ok this is a bit boring, Social map of the Netherlands; About the community really, still interesting though, visionlanguage; how different images give messages, really, REALLY, awesome, Canon of the magazines; about how to make a magazine and how they influence life; Nice, very nice, Communicationchart of the Netherlands; A chart about the different kinds of media and communication, Writing guide; I like writing so that's ok with me, and a Spelling book; Yes, another one. Ah, as long as I advance with it.

And before I end this blogpost, check this song out: Clickie Really like what Maikel631 uploads to Youtube and it really is a channel to check out if you're into happy trance music. So that's it for today, hope to write again tomorrow!

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