Saturday, September 4, 2010

Journalism is my thing, yup.

Well last thursday and friday I noticed journalism really is my thing. I suddenly take iniative and approach strangers, which is weird for me, and start researching. Awesome.

Well Thursday started with looking for an article which raises questions and going into the source of it. Well we did that with an article about the room shortage for students in Utrecht, but the article lacks any mention of Utrecht and instead calls Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Leiden and Delft. So we contacted the LSVB (Nation Student Union, free translation). And it seems one of the biggest newspapers made a big fault in one of their regional departments. Gnagna.

After the lunch the day went downhill though.... Some boring guy came explaining about Wordpress, and utterly failed at some parts. That and the fact he talked in monotone was reason for gaming in class, I love laptops.

Yesterday when I went to a friend by public transportation, I picked up some news about how it was handled wrong for students. Before I was at my friend I approached the person had a chat with him about it and contacted some recources. When I was waiting at the station that night, I went to the information desk to find some things out. From there I made the conclusion that there is a lot of miscommunication within the organisations responsible for free transport from school to home and vice-versa.

So yes, Journalism is really my thing. Didn't think of myself this high, hehe.